About Chartreux

Chartreux cats are generally mild mannered, quiet, fun, and intelligent.     They are usually not overly aggressive and get along well with other animals in the home.   These characteristics make them loving and ideal companions.  When one first acquires a Chartreux, you could easily be duped into thinking that they are perhaps a little slow intellectually.   Nothing could be further from the truth and owners soon discover that their Chartreux are always thinking.  They are in fact, extremely cerebral and will easily apply their abilities to get what they want most.   Most neutered Chartreux tend to be foodies!

The Chartreux is a medium large breed of cat characterized by a robust powerful body.  They tend to be longer in body than they are tall and do not appear to stand high on leg.  Chartreux usually feel much heavier in weight than expected due to their dense body type.

Chartreux come in only one color, blue.  The shade may very from a light almost silvery ash to a deep slate gray.  An adult Chartreux will have a uniform shade of solid blue overall.  Cats under the age of two may have faint tabby markings that disappear gradually as they approach adulthood.

At first glance you might think that the Chartreux is just another blue/gray cat, somewhat similar to the Blue British Shorthair.  While it is more similar to the Blue British Shorthair than any other breed they are a separate and distinct breed with unique characteristics.  These characteristics have set the Chartreux breed apart from all other breeds of cat since antiquity, and have been described in writings and drawings since the 16th century.

One of the main characteristics which set this breed apart is it’s unique medium short, double, all weather coat that can withstand harsh conditions.  It consists of longer guard hairs over a shorter wooly undercoat.  A mature Chartreux’s coat will have “breaks” or clumping in lines that make it appear similar to a sheep’s fleece especially around the neck, legs and chest.  The Chartreux does not have a smooth coat that lies flat.  This is one of the most distinguishing features of the Chartreux Breed.

Another unique feature of the Chartreux is its head and brilliant eye color.  It has a prominent amount of fullness or roundness to the cheeks set off with a mostly straight profile that descends to a tapered muzzle.  Chartreux will usually have a smiling appearance due to the shape of their muzzle.     The eyes are wide and gently rounded set slightly on the oblique.  The eye color ranges from an almost metallic gold to copper.  The ears are medium small and are set high on the head. Mature intact males will have full jowls.