Our Kittens

The 2012 “H” litter at almost four months of age. The Fur Kids have grown up. This litter contained two Household Pet Kitten International Winners: Hereuse and Hibou, Hereuse was HHPK of the Year n the TICA NW Region, Hibou was 2nd Best HHPK. Henriot went on to become a Supreme Grand Champion and double Regional Winner in TICA. Herrit and Henriott are living a life of leisure in Florida.

Carchet Kittens

Kittens, Left to Right: Harrit’, Hiboubou, Heugo, Henriot (laying down), Hereuse.








Sound Credits:¬†Golliwog’s Cakewalk from the Children’s Corner by Claude Debussy featuring the composer at the Piano. ¬† Use the video controls below to adjust volume or turn off sound.